You are the Monster in the Munster

You play a cheese-eating worm. You must eat cheese until no more than 25% remains.

Arrow keys make your head move, and you body follows as in the game 'snake'. Each time you eat 3 pieces of cheese, you grow by one.

If you're at least 6 long, you can also split your body by pressing spacebar. A new little worm of size 3 will detach from your end.

A brown piece of cheese is uneatable. A worm that eats a blue piece of cheese becomes confused and moves in the opposite direction. A worm that does not eat cheese for too long becomes brown, dies and blocks the way.

Try to eat 75% of the cheese in as few turns as possible to earn medals, and move to the next level.

If you're stuck, you can restart the current level with escape.

You can also see the replay action up to your current state with r.